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hey there

we're skugbug.

that's us! (drawn by skuggy)(me)

we are a 2-man band consisting of two twin brothers. i'm skuggy, the one with the tie. my brother is buggy, the one with the giant pants. together we make skugbug.

as you can see, we're not really good at naming things.

bugs thought it'd be a good idea to set up a webpage, so hey, why not. we worked together on pulling this thing together, but between the two of us we're still learning a good bit, so this site's HTML is held together by string and paperclips. let us know if it acts up.

anyways, hope you enjoy. stick around a bit, listen to some tunes. thanks for stopping by. hope to see you in our crowd someday.

updates . . .

8/3/21 - added our albums onto the music page! it toook forever to allign them like that what the fuck!

8/idk/21 - added music page! come look!

7/28/21 - added about page, buggy added blinkie collections for us

7/24/21 - new blog entry

7/23/21 - added updates menu. wrote the front page intro. cried a little internally because i hate html and especially javascript. forgot to eat lunch. going to do that now. wrote blog entry

7/22/21 - drew us :]

7/22/21 - created the site. spent a really long time on it. i forgot how long but at least 4 hours. wahoo

upcoming shows

- we're chilling at sparrow mansion right now, we might not have a lot of time for MA shows nowadays, but we will make a great effort to come back and play more for you all!


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