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about us

hi! we're skugbug.

skugbug (skuhg-buhg)
two-man music duo who can't stick to a single sound, and instead uses many sounds and noises in their music.

we were born, raised, and formed our band in massachusetts. we do 99% of our shows there just because we love massachusetts so so much and totally not because travelling cross-country is kinda scary and expensive.

i'm"skuggy scoven", i'm 25, born in rockport MA, and i play the keys, write the words, and do the vocals. i used to be in a semi-popular punk band named mothpossum, but we split in [REDACTED YEAR]. i used to do keys and backing vocals there.

i first started up mothpossum with my ex after moving to boston from salem. boston was my first real taste of the big city, so i was pretty lost, but i stayed there and made music under mothpossum for a good few years. we split in june and i moved back in with buggy in salem, where i stayed for a bit until we started up skugbug and started making stuff. i kinda missed city living, so i found a new place in boston, where buggy crashes sometimes now to make tunes, and i crash sometimes at his place in salem if i ever need a good peace and quiet.

i kinda wanna learn to play drums, i like a lot of different genres, and i like writing words and stuff. i usually do lyrics and also promotional art/cover art. you'll see me most often around here!

And I'm Buggy Scoven! Umm, I play a lot of stuff, and do a lot of the computer stuff like putting together our songs and starting this website! I play any small instrument we need that isn't too hard to pick up, piano, and keys! My favorite instrument and main instrument is the tambourine! However I also like playing the cowbell, the kazoo, the harmonica, and any other fun percussions like fruit shakers! This is my first band where I'm an official member, but back when Skuggy was in Mothpossum I did tag along sometimes!

I was also born in Rockport, probably because we are twins! Ummm, I joined the band because Skuggy came to stay at my place after Mothpossum broke up, and eventually we got bored and wanted to make music together, and eventually we got into the habit of doing it so we decided to make a band for fun!

I don't hang around here too much, but you'll know it's me if you see like smileys with noses and unnecessary proper grammar! :-)

we like wearing funny hats. it's become a bit of a tradition for me to put on whatever stupid shit people throw onstage for me, so feel free to show up with a bag full of wigs and hats (lice-free, of course)

umm... im not sure what else to put here, so i'll just list stuff about me (skuggy) specifically. i really like bugs i really like cats, i really like my keytar, i have 8 pet bugs, and my favorite bands are pumpkin patch, the garden, ajj, jack stauber, system of a down, and some reel big fish. pumpkin patch was started up by some friends of mine and they're awesome. here are my pet bugs:

  • clove jr., woolly bear caterpillar
  • toaster, lesser stag beetle
  • jeff, ox beetle
  • potatoes, silk moth
  • egg, giant stag beetle grub
  • maurice, cottonwood leaf beetle
  • leafy, monarch caterpillar
  • big tony, tomato hornworm (I KNOW I SAID I WOULDN'T BUT I GAVE IN)

buggy feel free to take it from here i ran out of stuff to put here.

Hi there! Buggy here! :-) So, we are based in MA, and I think our genre is alternative? Whatever that means! We've been going strong for a few years, like, 3 at least by now I think! It feels like we started just yesterday!

That's probably it for band stuff, here's some stuff about me: I really love sheep, camping, fire, and being with my friends! I'm not a very artsy person so I can't help a lot on album art and stuff, but I can take pictures and stuff and record! Some bands I really like are Socks and Sandals, Pumpkin Patch, Tally Hall, ABBA, Kero Kero Bonito, and bo en! Socks and Sandals and Pumpkin Patch belong to our friends!

Hm....that is also all I have to say, so I'll add links to little pages where we can paste a bunch of fun blinkies and banners and stuff in, for fun! Skuggy, go find some blinkies for yourself! These'll update every time we find more! Okay, bye!

(warning for blinking/flashing gifs in the links below)

Buggy's Collection! // skuggys collection