Let's talk about our feelings!

hey. so. (7/23/21)

phew. this took a long ass time. website's.... 30% done? lol. i have learned a lot about myself and how long i am willing to put up with html.

which is not a lot, so whenever i get stuck with something i throw my hands in the air, walk away, ask buggy to fix it, and if he cant, i just groan really loudly the entire time im frantically googling for some poor sucker who has the same problem i had and managed to get some internet randos to fix it for him.

ive considered joining a group chat or something full of people who also make sites like this, but then i figured it's probably a dick move to join some community to ask a question and leave, so i didnt.

anyways! my new void to yell into! god. what is there to yell about. it feels kinda weird just. rambling out into a void for random strangers and probably a few of my friends from real life (hi guys if you're reading this) (you too spenser) to hear so i think i'll just prattle a little bit about stuff i like and enjoy and call it a day, i am exhausted and i have another bitch day at work tomorrow.

one! i haven't done music in a while. oops. i've been a little too absorbed in...sleeping. and making this website. and. well. work. also, caring for 7 bugs is kinda hard! so i. haven't gotten the time to work on anything and/or start anything. i really hope this doesn't lead to a rut, but knowing buggy's here to pester me about finishing what i've started, i don't think that's very likely. i almost caved and bought a cat piano when i was out with a friend recently, but then i remembered i have a computer, and soundfonts, and can replicate one on my own keyboard but much better.
but. yknow. theres something about owning the actual cat piano even if it's super shitty and isnt meant to be an actual instrument. yknow?

ummm. two. uhghh. god. fucking what do people write on blogs. i haven't been anywhere interesting lately, havent really done anything super cool, and im not planning any future concerts. life's kinda on pause right now. that phrase has probably been used...a lot! in the past year or so. but. listen.

and uh......man. guess ill just put shitty writing on here too, so i have somewhere other than my old-ass notebook to jam it in. skug's poetry corner. not good enough for lyrics, shitty enough for poetry.

uhghh. god. i dunno. realizing i have to wake up for work tomorrow has really drained all fun of writing this blog, sorry. but! uh. if i am so inclined to make a new one next time, i promise itll be better.

goodnight everyone. see you......eventually. and if you're unemployed, give your bed a long sloppy kiss tonight.


skugs poetry corner

not poetry, but yes poetry, but not, we just wanted the funny name. too shitty to go anywhere else, just right for my cyberspace. edited because i read it next morning and went, dude, what the hell is wrong with you

it's 11 o clock. its 12 am. i am cooking dinner. im lying on the floor. it's already been 3 years since i met my friends. bbbut it's only been 1. you're driving already. you're still in the hall asking me for my name. i haven't done anything for you but you're letting me nap in your car. i'm still wearing the mask from graduation. i haven't washed it, i'm breathing in the same breath i let out at 5 trying to get my shoes to fit right. it doesnt matter. you're turning down the radio so i can go to sleep. i haven't closed my eyes yet, but you remembered for me anyways. i don't know where we're going but i trust you. it's 11 o clock again. we're 20 miles apart but we're right here and we're breathing in the same air we've let out this morning. it's 11 o clock. it'll be fine i guess