Pick it up, pick it up! (but not in the ska way yet) (click on cover to listen on spotify)


Can't Help Myself is a post-debut album. I am calling it a post-debut because it's like our debut but better and sexier and after we have more of a grip on what we wanna do. I wrote the first song on the album a few days after our first show as Skugbug after releasing LotP.

If you were to put these two albums side by side, first of all you'd go "haha cute cats," second of all you'd notice that LotP looks all gloomy and Can't Help Myself looks happy and fun, like a cat licking strawberry icecream off a boardwalk. That's because they are, quite distinctly, opposites. I put together LotP kinda hesitantly after a shitty breakup, and we put together CHM after realizing hey, this is really fun, we want to keep doing this.

TL;DR - Funny songs to skank to, minus the ska, plus a bunch of funny soundfonts again but used more Sparingly. sprinkled in like pepper on a suburban mom's chicken dinner.

album art loosely inspired by seeing a cat lick an ice cream on a boardwalk after i went outside for the first time in 900 years.


bright cloud
see an idiot
sweep n' slide
small world
sorry, brooklyn, dancing won't solve anything
can't help myself