Websites you should check out!

cool sites

these are links to stuff that i(out of character) made or used or whatever

by me

FLAMINGPOSSUMS85 - website by some weird possum kid who looks like my ex but like stuck in the 80s and also a high schooler? (Website for my DnD character for a campaign based in the 80s, his name is Farrow)

ART BLOG - gross social media website (i make art)


not by me

TWOVOLT - really cool band (big inspiration for my band websites!)

STAMPS - found cool blinkies and stamps here

QUOTE UNQUOTE RECORDS - very real music by very cool people (inspiration for the album info page and really on just how to organize this, also the record label of ska punk icon Jeff Rosenstock)

W3SCHOOLS - my lifeline for learning html (use it)

HOPP - nice resources :]

MARIO PAINT MUSIC COMPOSER - fun cute way to make music (use it)


if you're my friend and you made a neocities website let me know if u want me to put it up here i wanna see it!!!!!!!