Birthday blues and funny kazoo! (click on cover to listen on spotify)


One fateful day months after the death of Mothpossum, two brothers finally got their asses off the floor and recorded their first song. This song was called "Life of the Party," inspired by the titular special day of an unnamed fallout. It was the first song they'd written for a good while after the fallout, and little did they know it'd end up sparking life into their new creation, SKUGBUG!!!

Life of the Party is a compilation of our first songs. it's full of weirdness, emotional bullshit, improvising, tambourine, and funny soundfonts from my keyboard. i like to think of it as a new life stemming from the death of a life that came before it (mothpossum). kinda like a flower blooming out of a carcass-- kinda ugly, kinda freaky, not really a good flower, but hey, it's there, and it's better than whatever it's growing in now. in a less-pretentious way, it's our debut album. hope you like it.

album art loosely inspired by that russ berrie clown cat doll. i want him in my possession.


life of the party
weird bed %/or yes please
feelin' so matryoshka
no more shame, no more fear, no more dread
punch bowl