Song a month, definitely not dime a dozen! (click on cover to listen on spotify)


The Doomed Dozen is actually a baker's dozen, consisting of 13 songs created in the span of one year. The first song, Doomsday, I wrote the lyrics of on New Years Day before the year I decided to start this thing up. It's pretty short compared to the others since I did write the lyrics in a day and finish the rest with Bugs over January while also trying to knock January's other song out of the way, but it kind of serves as a kick-off to the weird Frankenstein of an album this thing's gonna be.

Heading into the Doomed Dozen, I planned to make one song a month to kind of reflect on the month and how it's treated me, or on a specific feeling, or a thought I had--whatever the fuck came to me, as long as it means something to me in my head, I jot it down. By the end of the project I had a year's worth of songs, kinda like a song diary, or a song calendar. There were some months where I really did not feel like making anything at all, but powered through anyways and spat out something anyways. You might be able to tell which ones those are!

These songs are referred to as the Doomed Dozen because they were kind of on the backburner throughout the year. I worked on any songs I wanted to do first, which would get released, and then the month's song for THIS album would be pushed to the side for a little so it can be organized and released together with the other few left that're just waiting for the year to end. So, upon being created, they were doomed to waiting for the year to finish to see the light of day.

But uh, here. I finally finished it. Hope you like it.

I thought about cicadas a whole lot when making the key songs for this album. I think about cicadas a lot when trying to name my songs, actually. I hope you know that the last song's name comes from baby cicadas burrowing into the ground to live there for the rest of their life until the next 17 or so years. cuz like i think a lot about how periodical cicadas all come out during the beginning of the year and it's this whole big thing and they're everywhere and going apeshit and suddenly they lay eggs and die and the cycle repeats. you know. okay now that i think about it if you think about this in cicada terms again you doomed dozen can mean the doomed dozens of cicadas that emerge from the ground after 17 years underground only to live for a few weeks and die and basically i'm emotional about bugs again but HEY HERE'S THE ALBUM.

speaking of cycles, there's a scrapped album art i drew up at the bottom of this page for it, because i thought again about the cycle of years and how they keep ending and starting and ending and starting again. hope you like it even if it didn't end up making it as the final cover!

album art inspired by years having 12 months in them. so i drew 12 boxes and filled them with cats that look like buggy and i.


doomsday (new year's eve)
shell (january)
idwtgtbt (february)
john & nancy (march)
experiments in living (april)
best life (may)
card declined for pizza & wine (june)
phace (july)
don't wanna know (august)
dead weight (september)
witch trial (october)
love bug (november)
underground again (december)

scrapped album art